.: Toolmaking for the Gun Smith

Firing Pin Spring Compressor Tool
New item added 2018 that eases the task of working with, and replacing, firing pins and springs. for ordering and use information click here

Savage Bolt Lift Kit
New item added 2014 that improves the hard bolt lift in Savage Rifles. Reconfigures the firing pin stops. for ordering and use information click here

Micrometer Adjustable Reamer Stop

This is a tool that I developed to allow a chamber reamer to become a depth Micrometer. Chambering with precision becomes much easier and greatly reduces the chance of reaming to deep. This tool is available from Custom Guns and Ammunition,L.L.C. / Nathaniel G. Lambeth, Sr. Contact me if you would like more information, for ordering and use information click here.

Click here for a PDF of MARS Information and Use Instructions

Floating Reamer Holder
That allows for both co-axial and concentric reamer float. It is spring loaded, rubber dampened, and has a brass shear pin. This tool incorporates a Micrometer Adjustable Reamer Stop for positive depth control. This is the first floating reamer holder designed to be used with or without CNC equipment. It is a totally hands free device.

Hand Driver for Reamers
Spoked Hand Drivers: for manually turning reamers.
T Handle Drivers: for throating reamer applications to be used with or without bushings.

.: Savage Parts

Bolt Bodies  .701”Diameter (must be fitted)
     Long Action, Short Action
     Round, Fluted
Bolt Heads
     .338 Magnum
     Std. Magnum
     Standard .473" (.308 and derivatives)
     Small      .380" (.223)
Bolt Handles
     Solid Long Tactical
     Black Oxide

.: Tools

Micrometer Adjustable Reamer Stop
Adjustable Reamer Stop with available adapters.
R&D: Bolt Handle Turning Tool
Bolt Handle Turning Jig

Fowler Bullet Dropper
I make a modified version of the Fowler bullet dropper that can be used in conjunction with a collator and progressive reloader such as the Dillon 650 or 1050. This more than doubles output.

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