.: General Policies

  • CG&A only manufactures or works on Bolt Action Rifles. We do not accept nor produce Black Guns, Black Powder rifles, or handguns.

  • All rifles built by CG&A utilize custom actions, barrels, stocks, and accessory parts that we provide.
    To insure quality and provide any warranty, we provide the parts and components from our own vendors as our goal is to make or obtain the highest quality parts and tooling.

  • CG&A does not do FFL to FFL transfers of other manufacturer’s firearms. We do not do individual to FFL transfers. CG&A delivers completed rifles directly by BATF 4473 transfer to local customers. Deliveries of non-local customer rifle(s) are to an FFL of their choice. Their local FFL will be responsible to conduct the BATF 4473 transfer.

  • All rifles receive testing for function and accuracy before shipment to the customer. We test using high quality factory ammunition or our custom handloads. We reserve the right to use our own scope base, rings and scopes during our testing. If your rifle is in a wildcat cartridge, we require that the customer provide reloading dies, brass, and bullets if we do not have the dies.

  • All our rifles and ammunition conform to Small Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers Institute (SAAMI) specifications. All rifles will be headspaced using steel go no-go gauges.

  • We require all ammunition customers provide CG&A with the brass and bullet components. CG&A will provide advice on place of purchase and product desired. Customer must sign a liability waiver.
Tooling and After Market Parts
  • We no longer purchase, use or accept parts from Pacific Tool and Gauge (PT&G).
We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.


.: Shipping and Receiving

    CG&A does not ship or receive through Fedex.
    We ship and receive by UPS and US Postal Service.

  • No rifle(s) will be shipped before the complete payment has been deposited in CG&A’s bank. We only accept personal, business, and bank checks. US Postal money orders are accepted. CG&A does not conduct Credit Card transactions. Upon the signing of a rifle build contract, we require a fifty-percent deposit, and payment in full within 30 days notice of completion.

  • CG&A requires all customers who ship us a firearm to provide us with prior written notice by letter or e-mail that includes the make, model, serial number, and description of any accessories. Include the name of the carrier, such as United Parcel Service (UPS) or United States Postal Service (USPS). Make sure you properly package and insure your shipment for full replacement value. Please include your carriers tracking number. Again, we do not ship or accept packages from FEDEX.

  • If you ship us a rifle in an inappropriate container, we will return your rifle in an appropriate container and add the charge for the new shipping container to your contracted price.

.: Thank You!

I appreciate your business and hope you contact me.

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