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Specializing in custom rifle building, ammunition loading and design/build of gunsmithing tools. 40 plus years of gunsmith experience and since 2005 federally licensed and doing work for customers. I am adept at truing, timing, and rebarreling bolt action rifles.

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         Remington and Remington Footprint Customs
         Savage  Bordens  BAT
         Winchester Pre and Post '64 Model 70s
         Kelbly  Stolle  Panda
Customizing rifles for several of the NRA Competitive events:
          Match Rifle  Long Range Prone  Benchrest
          Palma Rifle  F-Class  
          Service Rifle  Tactical  
Building specialized hunting rifles:
          Big Game Dangerous Game
          Beanfield rifles Varmint hunting
Custom Barrels by:
          Krieger  Muller Works  Rock Creek
          Hart  Brux  Bartlein
Custom Stocks by:
         McMillian  Bell and Carlson  Stockade
         Competition Shooting Stuff by Gary Eliseo
My moto is, "If it shoots I can make it shoot better."

The most modern techniques:
  • Chambering while employing a high pressure/high speed flush system.
  • Cut all barrels with a bandsaw and do not part-off barrels.
  • Deltronic pins, and/or range rods in conjunction with .0001 indicators to set-up and dial in all barrels to .0002 or better.
  • Target rifles headspacing is set up within .0015; hunting rifles within .003.
  • Target rifles should shoot 10 shot groups at 100 yards under .4"
  • Hunting rifles should be capable of shooting 5 shot groups under .5" at 100 yards.
I do not work on:
Ruger, Montana 1999s, AK47, AR-15/10, or Mauser actions.
No Metric threaded actions

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338 Lapua 100yd
  338 Lapua 100Yd. 3-shot group

338 LongRange Hunter
  338 Lapua

  Kelby Panda Custom Action F-Class

  Ladies are Hunters Too


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